Every year, homeowners brace for hurricane season in Florida. We have all seen the property damage that can occur during a strong wind event. To protect your home from wind-related damages, we recommend that homeowners in Florida take these steps to prevent wind damage.


Remove Nearby Trees to Prevent Wind Damage

Wind damage often occurs due to nearby trees that are too close to the home. It’s a good idea to remove trees that will come in contact with any structures f they’re uprooted and fall during heavy winds. You should also remove or trim bushes, branches, and shrubs that come in contact with your windows or siding to further protect your home.


Board Up the Windows

One of the most common ways that homes are damaged by wind is when the glass on windows shatters or cracks from too much pressure. You can prevent wind damage by boarding up the windows to protect them until a storm passes. Investing in storm shutters is one way to do this for protection year after year, or you can install plywood coverings in a pinch.


Secure the Roofing Materials

The roof is the most vulnerable area of your home in a storm and you should have confidence it is in good shape and will protect your home. Hire a professional who can secure the shingles and tiles on your roof to prevent them from blowing off to prevent wind damage. There may be loose roofing materials that can be reinforced with nails or staples so that your home is protected and kept safe from leaks in a high wind event.


Fasten the Siding

The siding is another common material that can become loose or rip off of the building during high winds. If you want to prevent wind damage, you can fasten the siding with the use of exposed fasteners like bolts or screws.


Secure Items in the Yard

Another common way that damage occurs during high winds is when unsecured items in the yard are lifted off of the ground and come in contact with the home. Not only can the house suffer from extensive damage, it can also lead to injuries for residents who are present on the property. You’ll want to secure loose items in the yard or store them in a safe place where they aren’t outdoors. Consider storing children’s toys or yard equipment in the garage so that the outside property is clear of loose debris. For items that are too large or heavy to move, you can anchor them with cables to prevent them from lifting off of the ground.


Reinforce the Garage Door

Many people forget that the garage door is also susceptible to damage and can easily be blown off. Install a garage door brace to reinforce it and make sure that the track is securely anchored and doesn’t have missing hardware.


Conduct a Wind Mitigation Inspection

One of the best ways that you can prepare for hurricane season is to hire a certified home inspector for a wind mitigation inspection. The inspection will assess any wind mitigation features of your home and can help you formulate a plan for the vulnerable areas of your home. You may receive home insurance credits if your home has certain features in place to prevent wind damage.


Taking the necessary steps to prevent wind damage is essential to reduce the risks to your property. You can have peace of mind knowing you have prepared your home to withstand high winds and keep your family protected.


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