For any new or current homeowner, learning how to prevent termites is a must. These wood-destroying insects are known to infest and destroy the wood that makes up the structure of the home. Termite prevention starts with identifying any factors that attract them to your house. Here’s what you should do:


How to Prevent Termites from Invading Your Home

It is said, “prevention is better than cure.” And when it comes to termite prevention, this statement is always true. The statistics on damages caused by these pests are alarming. Here are some highlights:


  • More than 600,000 houses incur termite damages each year in the U.S. alone.
  • Termites cost American homeowners a staggering 5 billion dollars total in termite control and damage repairs annually. Repairs are rarely covered by homeowners insurance.
  • On average, it costs a homeowner $3,000 to repair termite-related damages.

With that in mind, it is clear that prevention is the better than treatment and repairs.


Minimize Their Food Source

Termites mainly feed on anything that contains cellulose. Wood is a rich source of cellulose and that why termites are always attracted to it. Getting rid of all the wood around you is impossible, but there are things you can do prevent termites from settling in your home including:


  • Storing any excess building wood or firewood away from the house or on a raised platform with concrete or metal barriers
  • Keeping cellulose-rich materials away from your home and off the ground
  • Limiting or removing any wood-to-ground contact around your house
  • Treating any wood that is in contact with the ground


Remove Any Water Sources

Water is vital for termites to survive. They like damp areas, so limit moisture within your house by making sure¬†that there are no water leaks inside your home. Also, it’s wise to clear any brushwood and remove mulch that’s close to your home since they both provide food and absorb water.


Limit Access

This can be achieved through sealing cracks or holes on your home’s walls and foundation. It plays an important role in keeping termites away. You can even spay termiticide around your home to discourage them from coming any closer.


Have Wood Destroying Organism Inspections Done

The best way to learn if you have an infestation or how to prevent termites is to have a professional WDO inspection. WDO inspections help you to detect structural weaknesses or any factors that may encourage infestation and pinpoint the signs of termites. An annual inspection gives you the opportunity to spot and act on these pesky invaders before they cause significant damage to your home.


Don’t wait to see termites in your home before you act; start taking preventive measures today!


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